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Breakfast Menu

Tender pieces of tender chicken deep fried to golden brown. Call ahead. Order 2-100 pieces!! 48 hour notice for orders of 50 pieces or more. 


Nacho Platter 
Crispy Tortilla Chips smothered in cheese and meat, topped with lettuce, tomato and black olives. 
Served with nacho sauce and sour cream. $8.99   

Basket of Fries 
A generous portion of crispy golden fries. $4.99   

Loaded Potato Skins 
Fully loaded with melted cheese, tomato & bacon. 
Served with a side of sour cream and salsa. $6.99   

Wings Boneless or Bone-In
Wings fried golden then drenched in one of our specialty sauces. ( BBQ, Thai Chili, Honey Garlic 
 Served with ranch dressing. 6/ $7.99   12/ $10.99 

Onion Rings  
cut onion rings fried to perfection. $4.99    

Blooming Onion 
A large sweet onion dipped in 
golden batter & deep fried. $7.99   

Shrimp Cocktail 
6 jumbo steamed shrimp served with cocktail sauce. $8.99    

Bongo Sticks 
2 delicious pepperoni pizza roll-ups. 
Served with dipping sauce. $5.99   

Squirrel’s Starter Combo 
A generous portion of chicken strips, fried onion rings and southwest bites
Served with dipping sauce. $8.99


House Salad
Crisp lettuce topped with tomato, cucumber
onion, croutons & choice of dressing. $4.99  

Crispy or Grilled Chicken Salad
A crisp lettuce mix served with crispy breaded or grilled chicken, 
tomato,onions, croutons & your choice of dressing $8.99

Southwest Chicken Salad
Salad greens, topped with pico de gallo, fried tortilla chips, shredded cheese, red onions and a grilled chicken breast served with southwest dressing. $8.99

Chicken Taco Salad
Salad greens, chicken, cheddar cheese, salsa, black olives, tomato and sour cream. served over crunch tortilla chips. served with your choice of dressing. $8.99

Chef Salad
Crisp lettuce mix served with ham, turkey, cheese, tomato, onion, croutons and your choice of dressing. full/ $8.99  half/ $5.99

Taco Salad
All the fixin's including taco meat, shredded cheese, salsa and sour cream. $8.99

Chicken Caesar Salad
Romaine Lettuce tossed with croutons, Parmesan and Caesar dressing, topped with tomatoes, red onions and grilled chicken. $8.99  *without chicken/$5.99

French, Thousand Island, Ranch, Blue Cheese and Southwest


All entrees are served with a Salad, choice of potato: Baked, Mashed, American Fries or French Fries, and Texas Toast.

Fried Chicken Dinner
Tender pieces of breaded chicken deep fried to
golden brown. 2 piece $8.49   4 piece $11.49

Sirloin Steak
Delicious Flame Broiled steak.
6 oz. $10.49

Ribeye Steak
Flame Broiled to your liking.
12 oz. $20.99 (Thursdays special $13.99 5-8pm)

Butterfly Shrimp
5 Butterfly Shrimp breaded & fried to golden.
Served with tarter sauce. $11.99

Surf and Turf/ Steak and Shrimp
6oz. Sirloin paired with 3 butterfly Shrimp $12.49

Hamburger Steak
A 10 oz. Beef Steak flame broiled to perfection. $10.99

Walleye Dinner
Squirrel's very own battered Walleye, 
fried to perfection. $15.99

Shrimp Scampi
Tasty shrimp grilled in our garlic butter sauce. 11.99

Sizzling pieces of Steak or Chicken sauteed w/bell peppers, onions & cilantro. Served with rice, tortillas, sour cream and guacamole $11.99

Chicken Fried Steak 
Chicken fried Steak served with country gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables $11.99

SMOTHERED AND COVERED!! : Ask for mushrooms and onions with any meal for additional $2.00


All sandwiches include fries, lettuce, tomato & pickle

BLT on Marble Rye
Your classic Bacon, lettuce, tomato.
Served on marble rye. $8.99  Add Turkey for a BLTT $9.99

Cuban Sandwich 
Ham and zesty pork, swiss cheese, pickle and
seasoned mustard on a toasted ciabatta bun. $8.99

Reuben or Rachel
Sliced corned beef or Turkey topped with melted Swiss Cheese, tangy Sauerkraut & Thousand Island served on a toasted Marble Rye Bread $8.99

French Dip
A generous helping of juicy Roast Beef, Swiss Cheese and fried Onions served 
with au jus served on french bread. $9.99

Grilled, Crispy or Blackened Chicken Sandwich
Tender Chicken Breast with gourmet Bourbon Sauce served on a toasted ciabatta bun $8.99

Chicken Bacon Ranch
Golden crispy Chicken topped with thick cut bacon and Ranch on a toasted Kaiser Roll  $8.99

Club Sandwich
Honey baked Ham, Roasted Turkey breast and Bacon served on Sourdough and your choice of Cheese. $9.99

Tuna Melt
Squirrel's homemade tuna salad served on a grilled sourdough with Cheddar Cheese $9.99

The Tennessee 
This is Tender BBQ Pulled Pork and coleslaw served on a toasted Brioche bun $8.99

Walleye Sandwich
Lightly Breaded and pan fried Walleye served on a hoagie with tarter sauce. Garnished with fresh lemon, lettuce, tomato and onion $8.99

Bar Steak Sandwich
A juicy 8oz. Steak grilled to perfection served on a hoagie bun $9.99

Build a Philly
Grilled green peppers & onions piled on top of your 
choice of meat, cheese and sauce.
Served on French bread. $9.99

Meat: Chicken or Beef
Cheese: Swiss, Pepper Jack or American
Sauce: Ranch or Chipotle
Additional toppings: Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumbers, 
Raw Onions, Jalepeños

Gorilla Burger!!  Great for 2! 
Huge, 10oz. burger topped with pork, ham, mustard, pickles and pepperjack cheese on a toasted kaiser roll  $12.49

Burgers   (supersize any of these for $2!)
Perfectly cooked burger on a toasted bun. $7.99
Cheeseburger. $8.49
Bacon Cheese burger. $8.99
California Burger $8.99
Mushroom and Swiss Burger $8.49
Jalapeno Burger $8.99

Guacamole Burger 
1/3 pound burger topped w/guacamole, thick cut bacon, red onion and pepperjack cheese on toasted kaiser roll. $8.99

Frisco Burger
Juicy 1/3 pound burger topped with bacon and swiss cheese served on grilled sourdough  $8.99

Goober Burger
1/3 pound burger with peanut butter and minced onion on a toasted kaiser roll  $ 8.49

Klink Burger
1/3 pound burger topped with sauerkraut, thousand island and swiss cheese on a toasted kaiser roll.  $8.99

Squirrel's Special Burger
A generous 1/3 lb. burger with spicy pulled pork, pepper jack,
fried onions & Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce.
Served on a toasted kaiser roll. $8.99

The Drifter
1/3 pound burger on toasted brioch bun topped with provolone cheese, bacon, fried onion, horseradish and mustard sauce  $8.99

Super 7 
1/3 pound burger on a tosated brioch bun topped with pepperjack cheese, bacon, crisp hashbrowns, fried onion and an egg cooked your way.  $8.99

Fiesta Burger
1/3 pound burger on a crisp tortilla stuffedwith queso cheese, guacamole, pico de galo, lettuce, tomato and sour cream  $8.99

Texan Burger
Jucy Prime Rib piled high with Swiss Cheese and BBQ sauce served on a toasted brioch bun  $9.99

Patty Melt
Your traditional mouth watering patty melt.
Served on marble rye. $8.99

Gorilla Burger - Also great for 2!
A gigantic 10 oz burger topped with pork, ham, mustard
pickles and pepper jack. $12.49

WRAPS ---- All wraps include Cucumber and Croutons  $8.99

Chicken Caesar
Grilled chicken, onion and Caesar dressing with parmesan

Chicken Bacon Ranch
Grilled Chicken, bacon bits, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and cheddar w/ranch

Crispy Chicken
Crispy chicken, tomato, lettuce, onion served with salsa and ranch

Mashed potatoes $1.99          Coleslaw $1.99
American Fries $1.99             French Fries $1.99
Lettuce Salad $1.99               Onion Rings $1.99

*all prices are subject to change 

all lighter appetites are served with fries. 

1/2 Sandwich choose on of the following  $6.99

**BLT        ** BLTT
**Club       ** Reuben
**Tuna Melt

Chicken Strip Basket - 2 chicken strips and fries  $5.99


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Enjoy a cocktail from our full bar. Just ask your server.

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